Creating Quality Mixed-Use. Places

Ben Crenshaw with Southern Land Company visited Knoxville for four events on June 12 and 13, 2018, to discuss the benefits and challenges of building quality mixed-use development.

His experience includes “horizontal” mixed-use – projects including a mix of housing, commercial and offices in the same vicinity – as well as “vertical” mixed-use within the same building. Vertical mixed-use developments often including retail, offices, and jobs, and the mix of uses in one location gives people alternatives to driving for every trip they take.

More than 100 people attended the events, which included a public meeting the evening of June 12; a presentation at MPC’s Agenda Review that same day; a breakfast meeting with members of the development community hosted by the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors on June 13; and a lunch presentation before about 35 elected and appointed officials at the Knoxville Chamber later that day.

You can see a video of the Chamber lunch session here

Ben is Senior Vice President over design at Southern Land Company, where he jointly manages the design and engineering teams. Ben brings more than 20 years of experience to his position, including work recognized by the American Society of Landscape Architects and the Urban Land Institute.

Ben was the ninth speaker in the Active Knox series, which is funded through a grant from the Tennessee Department of Health.

The speaker series will resume in the fall of 2018. If you’d like to receive emails about the events, email

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