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Bicycling + walking plans

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Corridor + Area Studies

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Freight + Rail

Freight planning is an important component of state and metropolitan transportation planning processes. Because of its strategic central location, Tennessee’s freight infrastructure is critical to trade flows throughout the country. TDOT’s Long Range Planning Division Policy Planning Office is responsible for collaborating with transportation agencies and public and private partners to coordinate statewide freight planning efforts.

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Intelligent transportation

The Knoxville Regional ITS Architecture Report and the Deployment Plan, completed in December 2012, are critical to the planning and implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) projects in the Knoxville Region.

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Metropolitan  Transportation Plan

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) is a federally required document that guides the decision-making process for the selection and implementation of transportation projects in the Knoxville TPO planning area.

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Transit Plans

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Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Projects move from the Mobility Plan into the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) when work is expected to be done on the project within the next four years. The TIP is a four-year work program of federally funded and regionally significant projects. The TIP must be fiscally constrained based on estimated revenues (meaning we can’t spend more money than we expect to receive).

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