Knoxville TPO Earns Accolades, Approval during Federal Review

The Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization is pleased to announce the successful completion of the 2016 Transportation Management Area Certification Review.

Every four years, the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration evaluate the planning process for areas with population over 200,000. The Knoxville review included input from TDOT, Knoxville Area Transit, and TPO’s staff, Technical Committee, and Executive Board and focused on the metropolitan transportation planning process and major federal initiatives.

After an on-site visit that spanned three days and included public meetings and extensive presentations on the work and procedures of the TPO, the Federal Review Team determined that all requirements for certification review had been met.

Going above and beyond basic federal requirements, TPO received praise for their community outreach efforts, multimodal transportation focus, support for livable communities, and technical support to member jurisdictions and communities.

Recommendations for future success include continued consideration of the Americans with Disabilities Act, possibly reestablishing the Planning for Operations Committee, and reexamining the local sponsor project application for certain projects.

For more information on the federal review, please reference FHWA’s presentation and report summary.