Inventory by Stakeholder

Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or "elements" that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

(No Stakeholder) Traveler
 Vehicle Operator
Blount CountyOwnsBlount County E911 Dispatch
OwnsBlount County EMA
OwnsBlount County EMA Website
OwnsBlount County Emergency Callout System
OwnsBlount County Emergency Communication System
OwnsBlount County Fire Vehicles
OwnsBlount County Rescue Squad Vehicles
OwnsBlount County Sheriff Vehicles
OwnsBlount County Traffic Signals
City of AlcoaOwnsCity of Alcoa CCTV Cameras
OwnsCity of Alcoa Emergency Dispatch
OwnsCity of Alcoa Field Sensors
OwnsCity of Alcoa Fire Vehicles
OwnsCity of Alcoa Police Vehicles
OwnsCity of Alcoa Traffic Signals
City of KnoxvilleOwnsCity of Knoxville CCTV Cameras
OwnsCity of Knoxville Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsCity of Knoxville Engineers Office
OwnsCity of Knoxville Field Sensors
OwnsCity of Knoxville Fire Vehicles
OwnsCity of Knoxville Infrastructure Monitoring Equipment
OwnsCity of Knoxville Maintenance Vehicles
OwnsCity of Knoxville Oversize Vehicle Detection
OwnsCity of Knoxville Parking Enforcement
OwnsCity of Knoxville Parking Lot Operator
OwnsCity of Knoxville Parking Management System
OwnsCity of Knoxville Police Department
OwnsCity of Knoxville Police Vehicles
OwnsCity of Knoxville Public Works Department
OwnsCity of Knoxville Publice Works Department Vehicles
OwnsCity of Knoxville Queue Detection System
OwnsCity of Knoxville Roadway Warning Equipment
OwnsCity of Knoxville Social Media Accounts
OwnsCity of Knoxville Speed Monitoring Equipment
OwnsCity of Knoxville Streetlights
OwnsCity of Knoxville TOC
OwnsCity of Knoxville Traffic Signals
OwnsCity of Knoxville Wrong Way Detection and Warning Equipment
OwnsParking Payment System
City of Lenoir CityOwnsCity of Lenoir City CCTV Cameras
OwnsCity of Lenoir City Field Sensors
OwnsCity of Lenoir City TOC
OwnsCity of Lenoir City Traffic Signals
City of MaryvilleOwnsCity of Maryville CCTV Cameras
OwnsCity of Maryville Emergency Dispatch
OwnsCity of Maryville Field Sensors
OwnsCity of Maryville Fire Vehicles
OwnsCity of Maryville Police Vehicles
OwnsCity of Maryville Traffic Signals
City of Maryville/AlcoaOwnsCity of Maryville/Alcoa TOC
City of Oak RidgeOwnsCity of Oak Ridge Field Equipment
OwnsCity of Oak Ridge Field Sensors
OwnsCity of Oak Ridge Police Department
OwnsCity of Oak Ridge TOC
OwnsCity of Oak Ridge Traffic Signals
City of SeviervilleOwnsCity of Sevierville CCTV Cameras
OwnsCity of Sevierville Emergency Dispatch
OwnsCity of Sevierville Field Sensors
OwnsCity of Sevierville Fire Vehicles
OwnsCity of Sevierville Police Vehicles
OwnsCity of Sevierville Traffic Signals
OwnsCity of Sevierville/Pigeon Forge TOC
Commercial Vehicle OperatorsOwnsCommercial Vehicles
ETHRAOwnsETHRA Electronic Fare Payment System
OwnsETHRA Tranportation Operations Facility CCTV Camera Surveillance
OwnsETHRA Transportation Data Archive
OwnsETHRA Transportation Dispatch Center
OwnsETHRA Transportation IVR System
OwnsETHRA Vehicles
OwnsETHRA Website
Financial InstitutionOwnsFinancial Service Provider
KATOwnsKAT Electronic Fare Payment Card
OwnsKAT Fixed Route Vehicles
OwnsKAT Operations Facility CCTV Cameras Surveillance
OwnsKAT Social Media Accounts
OwnsKAT Transit Center CCTV Camera Surveillance
OwnsKAT Transit Data Archive
OwnsKAT Transit Dispatch Center
OwnsKAT Transit Kiosks
OwnsKAT Website
OwnsThe LIFT Dispatch Center
OwnsThe LIFT IVR System
OwnsThe LIFT Paratransit Vehicles
Knox CountyOwnsKnox County CCTV Cameras
OwnsKnox County E911 Dispatch
OwnsKnox County EMA
OwnsKnox County EMA Website
OwnsKnox County Emergency Callout System
OwnsKnox County Emergency Communication System
OwnsKnox County Field Sensors
OwnsKnox County Sheriff Vehicles
OwnsKnox County Sheriffs Office
OwnsKnox County TOC
OwnsKnox County Traffic Signals
Knox County CACOwnsKnox County CAC Electronic Fare Payment System
OwnsKnox County CAC IVR System
OwnsKnox County CAC Transit Data Archive
OwnsKnox County CAC Transit Dispatch Center
OwnsKnox County CAC Transit Operations Facility CCTV Camera Surveillance
OwnsKnox County CAC Vehicles
OwnsKnox County CAC Website
Knoxville Regional TPOOwnsKnoxville Regional TPO Data Archive
OwnsKnoxville TPO SmartTrips
Loudon CountyOwnsLoudon County E911 Dispatch
OwnsLoudon County EMA
OwnsLoudon County Fire and Rescue Vehicles
OwnsLoudon County Sheriff Vehicles
OwnsLoudon County Traffic Signals
MediaOwnsLocal Print and Broadcast Media
Municipal/County GovernmentOwnsMunicipal CCTV Cameras
OwnsMunicipal Field Sensors
OwnsMunicipal Public Safety Dispatch
OwnsMunicipal Public Safety Vehicles
OwnsMunicipal TOC
OwnsMunicipal Traffic Signals
OwnsMunicipal/County Engineers Office
OwnsMunicipal/County Maintenance
OwnsMunicipal/County Maintenance Vehicles
OwnsMunicipal/County RWIS
OwnsMunicipal/County Social Media Sites
OwnsMunicipal/County Website
OwnsOther County 911 Dispatch
OwnsVolunteer Fire Vehicles
National Park ServiceOwnsGreat Smoky Mountains National Park
NOAAOwnsNational Weather Service
Other AgenciesOwnsBroadcast Media
OwnsOther Maintenance and Construction Management
OwnsPrivate Transportation Providers
OwnsSurrounding County Transit Agencies
Pigeon Forge/Sevierville TrolleyOwnsPigeon Forge/Sevierville Trolley CCTV Camera Surveillance
OwnsPigeon Forge/Sevierville Trolley Dispatch
OwnsPigeon Forge/Sevierville Trolley Electronic Fare Payment
OwnsPigeon Forge/Sevierville Trolley Vehicles
OwnsPigeon Forge/Sevierville Trolley Website
Private Information ProviderOwnsPrivate Information Provider
Private Service ProviderOwnsPrivate Parking Lot Operator
OwnsPrivate Subscription Data Service Provider
Rail OperatorsOwnsRail Operator Wayside Equipment
Rural MetroOwnsRural Metro Dispatch
OwnsRural Metro EMS Vehicles
OwnsRural Metro Fire Vehicles
Sevier CountyOwnsSevier County E911 Dispatch
OwnsSevier County EMA
OwnsSevier County EMS Vehicles
System UsersOwnsArchive Data User
OwnsPersonal Computing Devices
OwnsPrivate Traveler Vehicle
TDOTOwnsOther TDOT Region Construction Offices
OwnsOther TDOT Region Maintenance
OwnsTDOT CCTV Cameras
OwnsTDOT Community Relations Division
OwnsTDOT Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
OwnsTDOT Data Archive
OwnsTDOT District Maintenance
OwnsTDOT Emergency Services Coordinator
OwnsTDOT Field Sensors
OwnsTDOT HELP Vehicles
OwnsTDOT Maintenance Headquarters
OwnsTDOT Maintenance Vehicles
OwnsTDOT Overheight Vehicle Detection
OwnsTDOT Public Information Office
OwnsTDOT Ramp Metering Equipment
OwnsTDOT Ramp Queue Detection System
OwnsTDOT Region 1 Construction Office
OwnsTDOT Region 1 Engineers Office
OwnsTDOT Region 1 HELP Dispatch
OwnsTDOT Region 1 Maintenance
OwnsTDOT Region 1 TMC – Knoxville
OwnsTDOT Region 2 TMC – Chattanooga
OwnsTDOT Region 3 TMC – Nashville
OwnsTDOT Region 4 TMC – Memphis
OwnsTDOT Roadway Warning Equipment
OwnsTDOT RWIS Sensors
OwnsTDOT Smart Work Zone Equipment
OwnsTDOT SmartWay Information System (TSIS)
OwnsTDOT SmartWay Website
OwnsTDOT Weigh–in–Motion
OwnsTDOT Wrong Way Detection and Warning Equipment
OwnsTennessee 511 IVR
OwnsTennessee 511 System
OwnsTN Trips
Tennessee Bureau of InvestigationOwnsTennessee Bureau of Investigation
Tennessee Department of Health and Human ServicesOwnsHealth and Human Services
Tennessee Highway PatrolOwnsTHP CVO Enforcement
OwnsTHP Dispatch
OwnsTHP Truck Weigh and Inspection Station
OwnsTHP Vehicles
OwnsTHP Weigh–in–Motion
OwnsTITAN Database
Town of FarragutOwnsTown of Farragut CCTV Cameras
OwnsTown of Farragut Field Sensors
OwnsTown of Farragut TOC
OwnsTown of Farragut Traffic Signals