The regional ITS architecture is an integral part of the planning process, providing a structured way to translate operational objectives and strategies into an interconnected set of ITS projects. This page identifies the planning objectives and strategies that are supported by the regional ITS architecture.

01ObjectiveExpand Traffic Information Coverage
02ObjectiveExpand Service Patrol Coverage
03ObjectiveData Collection and Sharing – TDOT and Municipalities
04ObjectiveTraffic Signal Systems and Coordination
05ObjectiveTraffic Detection and Surveillance
06ObjectiveSpeed Monitoring
07ObjectiveRural Traffic Data Sharing
08ObjectiveData Collection and Sharing – Knoxville and other Regions
09ObjectiveData Collection and Sharing – TDOT and Emergency Management Centers
10ObjectiveData Collection and Sharing – Municipalities and Emergency Management Centers
11ObjectiveEmergency Vehicle Technology
12ObjectiveEmergency Vehicle Preemption
13ObjectiveWeather Information
14ObjectiveTransit Priority
15ObjectiveTransit Vehicle Systems
16ObjectiveTransit Information
17ObjectiveTransit Route Planning
18ObjectiveTraveler Information
19ObjectiveArchived Data