Jeff Welch, AICP

TPO Director
(865) 215-3790

Tarren Barrett, PE

Transportation Engineer
Development and Traffic Impact Study Review, Goods Movement Task Force, Incident Management Task Force
(865) 215-3826

Doug Burton

Principal Planner
Transit Planning and Grants, Title VI
(865) 215-3824

Dori Caron

Administrative Assistant, Transit Grants
(865) 215-2694

Mike Conger, PE

Senior Transportation Engineer
Air Quality, Transportation Modeling, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Congestion Management
(865) 215-3813

Ally Ketron

Communications Specialist, Outreach and Engagement
(865) 215-3234

Craig Luebke

Transportation Planner
Transportation Improvement Program
(865) 215-3825

Savannah Robertson

Smart Trips Coordinator
(865) 215-2916

Ellen Zavisca, PTP

Principal Planner
Pedestrian and greenway planning, Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets
(865) 215-4014