TPO Receives Federal Certification

The Knoxville Regional TPO successfully completed the federal certification review of the metropolitan transportation planning and programming process.

Every four years, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) are required to jointly review and evaluate the planning process of the TPO. This ensures that our plans meet federal regulations.

As part of the certification process, the TPO submitted a list of major accomplishments since 2020. Some of the highlights from the past four years include the adoption of:

  • Mobility Plan 2045
  • Public Outreach Plan
  • Regional Roadway Safety Action Plan
  • Transportation Improvement Program

The following studies were also completed by the TPO and regional transit providers:

  • KAT Re-Imagined Study
  • Transit Coordination Study
  • Regional Transit Study

These accomplishments, along with participation and input from TDOT, TPO staff, TPO Technical Committee and Executive Board members, and the public, were considered in the review and evaluation process.

The FHWA and the FTA found that the planning process carried out in the Knoxville regional area meets federal requirements and reported no corrective actions.

Beyond meeting the federal requirements, the TPO exceeded expectations and received commendations in these areas:

  • Organizational structure — The TPO maintained a high level of performance.
  • Performance based planning and programming — This specifically acknowledges the Regional Pavement Management System.
  • Transportation Improvement program development and management — This recognition is in regard to the TPO’s biannual project review meetings that help reduce project delivery delays.

The final report includes recommendations for consideration in our work program, most of which will be covered by Mobility Plan 2050:

  • Collaborate with TDOT and local planning partners to develop projects for TDOT’s 10-year plan,
  • Implement a formal review of the transit planning agreement with the regional transit partners to ensure consistency in plans and programs,
  • Add a performance measure dashboard to the website so the public can better understand regional transportation data and system performance targets,
  • Align freight development plans in Mobility Plan 2050 with TDOT’s Statewide Multimodal Freight Plan, and
  • Continue to develop plans that incorporate safety and equity for vulnerable road users.

This certification will remain in effect until 2028, when the review and evaluation will be repeated.