Advance Knox Workshops Scheduled

Knox County last updated its Comprehensive Plan nearly 20 years ago. During that time, the county has experienced significant growth and change.

Advance Knox is a unique opportunity to align land use and transportation goals to create a blueprint for the County’s future. It will help guide decisions about where and how future growth occurs and where investments in infrastructure and services are made in the years to come.

Now that the project is underway, a series of public workshops has been scheduled for later this month. The first round of community engagement, named Ideas Week, will be held March 27 – March 30. The workshops will last approximately 90 minutes and will introduce the community to the project. Participants will work in small groups to generate ideas and participate in map-based activities. The workshops will be hosted at seven locations throughout Knox County and community members are encouraged to attend the event most convenient to them.

In addition to the seven in-person workshops, there will also be opportunities for virtual participation. Anyone interested can attend a virtual workshop by registering ahead of time. There will also be activities available on the website to allow community members to provide input and share their ideas in another format following the workshops.

Ideas Week:

March 27

1:30 Gibbs Middle School

March 28
5:30 Hardin Valley Middle School
5:30 Carter High School

March 29
12:00 Virtual workshop
5:30 West High School
5:30 Northshore Elementary School

March 30
5:30 South Doyle Middle School
5:30 Powell High School

For more information about Advance Knox, please contact the project team at You can also find more information and sign up to receive email updates at