The TPO is creating a regional Roadway Safety Action Plan beginning in January 2023.

This will be a different type of roadway safety plan, one that takes a Safe System approach. The Safe System approach acknowledges that humans make mistakes, and that deaths and serious injuries are not an acceptable cost of doing business. 

To create the safety plan, we’ll use data, local expertise, and public feedback to find the locations where people are most at risk of experiencing a crash that results in a fatal or serious injury. Then we’ll identify projects and programs that address those risks, and we’ll work together to implement them. 

The goal is zero deaths or serious injuries on our roadways. The Safe System is how we get there. 



The plan will align with:

Crash data

The Roadway Safety Action Plan will be data-driven, and will make use of demographic data, community insight, and historic traffic crash data.

  • We’ve mapped 5 years of life-altering crashes (fatal and serious-injury) and crashes involving people walking and bicycling in the Knoxville region. Check out the map
  • Did you know that 30 percent of fatal and serious-injury crashes in our region take place on just 4 percent of the road network? View our infographics on life-altering crashes and on pedestrian- and bicycle-related crashes
  • You can find these crash data sets on Knoxville-Knox County Planning’s Open Data page.
  • Are you curious about where pedestrian- and bicycle-related crashes are happening in our region, and what contributes to them? Take a deep dive with these reports, which zoom in on our region and each jurisdiction. 


The plan will set us up as a region to apply for federal funds under the Safe Streets and Roads for All program.

The plan will also help identify changes we can make locally right away to save lives and prevent serious injuries on our roadways. Key outcomes of the plan include:

  • Designating a high-injury network, those roadway segments that see the most life-altering crashes in our region
  • Identifying projects and strategies that will reduce the number of fatal and serious-injury crashes on our roadways
  • Creating a transparent platform for tracking our progress on improving roadway safety.

Task force + timeline

A task force including staff from the TPO, local government, TDOT and Bike Walk Knoxville will guide the planning process.

The plan will go to the TPO Technical Committee and Executive Board for approval in summer of 2023.