Public Review and Comment Period: Air Quality Conformity Determination

An Air Quality Conformity Determination report was prepared to demonstrate that the implementation of projects within Mobility Plan 2045 will conform with the requirements of the Clean Air Act. This ensures that federal funds will not be spent on projects that cause or contribute to any new violations of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS); increase the frequency or severity of NAAQS violations; or delay timely attainments of the NAAQS or any required interim milestone.

A draft of the Air Quality Conformity Report can be viewed and downloaded at A copy of the report is also available for review at the TPO office at 400 Main St., Suite 403, Knoxville, TN 39702.

Comments can be submitted through April 7, 2021 to, by phone at 865-215-4034, or mailed to the TPO’s address listed above.

Draft Air Quality Conformity Determination Report