Knox County Greenway Study Underway

A study has been initiated to look at increasing connectivity via greenways in Knox County. Sixty miles along four corridors have been identified as part of the study. Those corridors are:
  • Beaver Creek West from Hardin Valley to Gibbs
  • Northshore Drive from Lakeshore Park to the Loudon County line
  • Chapman Highway from Gary Underwood Park to the Sevier/Blount County line
  • John Sevier Highway from Chapman Highway to Alcoa Highway
Staff working on this project are looking for opportunities to place trails along creeks and ridges where possible, but various limitations may cause the greenway to be located along roadways in certain areas. The goal for all four corridors is to have the greenways running parallel to the identified roads. Staff is also looking for opportunities to incorporate the construction of these trails as other construction projects – such as school and road – occur. A series of meetings has been scheduled throughout the month of June to get feedback from the community. Each of the four meetings will be held in a different location throughout the county. There will be a second round of meetings later this year, and the plan is expected to be completed by the end of the year. For more information about the study and public meetings, visit the project website at