Complete Streets

Complete streets are streets for everyone. The TPO supports local governments in planning for and creating complete streets.

Some local examples of complete streets include Cumberland Avenue, completed in 2017, and the Central Street remake, which was completed in 2019.


A team from Knoxville, including TPO staff, participated in the first ever Complete Streets Consortium, along with the groups from Chattanooga and Nashville. This collaboration contributed to greater coordination of projects along the Broadway corridor in Knoxville.


Strong policies are one way to foster the creation of complete streets. A complete street policy typically requires that all transportation projects create and maintain safe places for people to walk, bicycle and access transit.

Examples of strong policies that impact our region include:


The TPO created Complete Streets Design Guidelines for our region in 2009, to help local governments retrofit streets, especially major arterials, as complete streets. The same planning process produced retrofit recommendation for two corridors in the region: the Hall Road /Washington Street corridor in Alcoa and Maryville; and the Broadway corridor in the Fountain City neighborhood of Knoxville.


A key component of creating complete streets is understanding where crashes occur and the factors that contribute to them. See this page for more information on crashes in our region involving people walking and bicycling.